We often get asked questions about our service and our range of products, and so here are some of those frequently asked questions and I hope they help you in choosing our blinds.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please give us a call or drop us a message.

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How much do your blinds cost?

As all our blinds are made-to-measure we cannot provide you with an accurate quote over the phone. If you book an appointment with one of our advisors they will be able to measure up and provide a quote for you.


During the appointment there will be no pressure to buy, and your advisor won't overstay his welcome either; average appointment times are around 60 minutes but this will vary depending upon the type and number of products you are interested in.

How much deposit will I have to pay?

A deposit of up to 50% will need to be paid when you place your order, with the remaining 50% due on fitting. This will not vary with the size of the order and this way, you have peace of mind that we will ensure you receive only the best customer service.


How long will I have to wait for an advisor to visit me in my home? 
We will arrange for an advisor to visit you in your home at a time that is convenient for you. We will always aim to visit you within three days from when you book your appointment, but this may vary depending on location and availability.

How do I request an appointment? 
Complete your details on our online appointment form and we'll be in touch to arrange a convenient time or, just give us a call on 07419740688.

How long will the appointment take?
Average appointment times are around 60 minutes but this will vary depending upon the type and number of products you are interested in.

Can I cancel or move my appointment?
Absolutely, we understand that things arise or circumstances change, so just give us a call on 07419740688.

Can I have a joint appointment for two products?
Our consultants have knowledge and experience across all the products we offer and therefore they will be able to consult you on any window coverings you are interested in.

Will I get a call on the day to confirm the advisor will still make my appointment?
At present, because we are a small family run business, we are not always able to contact you before the meeting and ask that any arranged appointments are upheld as much as possible.

How much is an appointment?
Our appointments are FREE and no cost will be added to the product when bought.

Do you offer appointments in the evening or on weekends?
We understand that appointments during the day are not always possible or suitable and whilst this is preferred for us, we are happy to accomodate evening or weekend appointments to suit you.


How long will I have to wait for my blinds to be fitted?
Your blinds will be ready to be fitted usually between two to three weeks after you placed your order. However, demand and economy may alter cause tihis time to increase, therefore your advisor will advise you of this at the point of order.

What do I need to do before the fitting?
Before the fitting, please clear the window area and make sure that any existing blinds or curtains are taken down.

How long will a blind fitting take?
Average fitting times are around 30 minutes but this will vary depending upon the type and number of products you are having fitted. A rough guestimate would be to allow 10-15 minutes per blind.

Will my advisor return to fit?
Our consultants often work with a partner who will carry out the fitting. They will always attempt to attend the fitting, but either way, you can be confident that a thorough handover will have taken place.

Can I rearrange my fitting? And is there a charge?
Absolutely, we understand that things arise and so please just give us a call on 07419740688 as soon as you know you will be unable to make the fitting.


What type of product can I get to fit my odd shaped window? 
Pleated blinds can be made to almost any shape and used in roof windows too, making them a popular choice for conservatories and glass extensions. Vertical blinds can be made to fit sloped windows. Shutters are available to fit shaped, feature windows for example arched windows.

What type of product would be best for my bathroom? 
You need to take extra consideration when choosing a window dressing for your bathroom. With hot showers and baths running, it is often a humid space that has special requirements. Our range of PVC Vertical blinds is perfect for the bathroom. They are water resistant, which makes them ideal in steamy environments and they are simple to clean too - just give them a wipe.


You can even consider our Fauxwood range if you like the look of real wood but want a reliable product for this environment that will not warp.

Which type of blinds are best for my conservatory? 
Our range of Pleated blinds includes special performance fabrics with sun reflective backings. These have been cleverly designed to help to keep the temperature down in the warmer summer months while retaining the heat once it starts to get cooler.


Pleated blinds are ideal for the roof of your conservatory as they can be made to fit the different shaped windows. For the sides you can opt for more Pleated in a co-ordinating or contrasting colour, or choose from our full range of blind types.

If you are just looking for shade and privacy though, Venetians are a very stylish alternative.

My conservatory becomes quite cold during the winter. Have you any suggestions for ways of keeping it warmer?
Blinds can really help get rid of the chill in your conservatory. Not only do they look cosy but they have a practical advantage too. Our range of Pleated blinds includes specialist fabrics that help to retain the heat. You can fit Pleated into your roof and then choose from our full range of blinds for around the sides.


Fully-lined Romans look warm and when pulled down, but block out the outside world completely.

I have a bay window at the front of my house. What sort of product would you recommend? 
Shutters look beautiful in a bay window, enhancing this lovely feature rather than hiding it, but can be abit pricy.

Alternatively blinds can be fitted in a bay - Verticals can be made with a curved headrail to follow the shape of the bay. Or choose to have one blind fitted at each window - as our blinds are made-to-measure the end result should be seamless.

I have a very sunny living room – around mid afternoon, the sun comes round and I get full sunlight in the room until it sets. This can make it blindingly bright, what would you suggest? 
It would be a good idea to choose a blind that filters the light. There are several options. Vertical and Venetian blinds, including our Wood Venetian options, can be tilted to prevent direct sunlight shining into your room.


Pleated blinds are available in a range of sheer fabrics that create a lovely glow at the windows. Shutters are another great product - tilt the louvres to allow the light in while preventing direct sunlight causing a problem

I like the idea of a blind but don’t want to lose the luxurious feel of a curtain. 
It sounds as though you would like a Roman blind. Made from the same soft fabrics as curtains and fully-lined too, they bring a luxurious feel to your windows.

I have a Victorian house with the original sash windows that I love. I don’t want to cover up this feature. What would you suggest? 
Elegant shutters are a brilliant solution for your windows. They have timeless looks that would suit your property perfectly and are practical too - blocking out the light when closed but opening fully to allow a clear view of your feature windows as well as the outside world.