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Durashade - Rigid PVC
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High Quality
Rigid PVC Blinds


Manufactured To Your Specification In The UK

Moisture Resistant With Complete Privacy

Supplied Complete As Standard

5 Year Warranty


We’re Stylux, and we’ve been consulting on and fitting quality rigid PVC blinds across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Humberside since 2015.

Our range of beautiful and functional horizontal blinds will suit all room types, designs and budgets. We work with major suppliers across the UK whilst bringing our knowledge and experience direct to you.

Vertical Blinds

Kitchen Blinds

Once again prompt & super service from John at Stylux Blinds. Really pleased with my kitchen blinds.

- TrishG-16

Rigid PVC Blinds:
The perfect finish to your room.

Durashade - Rigid PVC
Durashade 2

Service Guarantee

We're experts in rigid PVC blinds, so talk to us for the latest in design trends and styles. We can help you design your look, plus measurements and fitting is always free!

Rigid PVC Blinds

Sleek and minimal lines merged with functionality, rigid PVC showcases a broad spectrum of PVC vertical vanes, suitable for both commercial and domestic environments.

Offering excellent closure properties with its curved slat, the Durashade collection provides precise light control and complete privacy making it also ideal for the home.


Brands We Work With:


Not Sure What You're After?

"There are literally endless possibilities, so it's no wonder you're not sure. Let us discuss it with you and together we'll come up with the perfect blinds and fabric."

Durashade 2

UK's Leading Brands

We work with a range of brands to offer you the best choice with ranges and finishes for everyone's pocket.

Rigid PVC Blind Details

Designs & Colours

Durable, resilient and easy to clean, this elegant blind is more than a treat to look at. With its lightweight and sturdy build it's the perfect addition to busy homes and offices.

Stylish and functional, both the aluminium or white fascia's are available with a choice of 8 readymade blackout fabrics.

For a perfect fit, you need to discover the reference on the window type sign at the top of the window. You will need to record this information for the order process.



Blind Sizes

Width: Standard to Velux / Fakro / Dakstra / Rooflite

Drop: Standard to Velux / Fakro / Dakstra / Rooflite


The blinds are hand operated and can be opened to any position.

For high level or out of reach windows we offer an extendable operation rod.


Available with silver / aluminium cassette and side channels.

White roller cassette and side channels are available for an additional cost.

Product Guarantee!

Our suppliers have spent years developing their products and are confident in the long term value they bring - we want you to feel the same. That’s why we are proud to offer a 5 year* guarantee on all of our products. 

*This may vary on some mechanisms and so always check with the consultant.

Durashade - Rigid PVC

Rigid PVC Blinds Features

Fully made-to-measure to your specifications in a UK factory.

Strong aluminium roller tube - no bowing or warping.

High precision sidewinder with a choice of operation.

Easy-clean & Moisture Resistant. 

Total Privacy Solution.

These Rigid PVC blinds are made to measure and have a variety of options. To find more information just give us a call and one of our consultants will be more than happy to run through them all to find the right solution for you.

Rigid PVC Blind Safety

Blind Safety
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“At Stylux we take the safety of both our products and our customers very seriously whilst never compromising on quality.”

Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust, therefore it goes without saying that all our products conform to European safety legislation and always fitted by qualified professionals.

Rigid PVC Blind Safety FAQ

What about cords & chains on Rigid PVC Blinds?

For all blinds supplied with a cord or chain, our fitter will install a discreet little cleat or hook for the cord to wrap around, so there are no loose strings. These are fitted at a minimum height of 1.5m above the ground.

Having a safety device is now a legal requirement even in homes without children, as little ones may visit you from time-to-time. In fact, if you move home and leave your blinds, you have an obligation to make sure they are legally safe.​

With certain blinds, you can order a special kind of breakaway chain that will pull apart with excess force.  The good news is that they are easy to reassemble if pulled apart by accident.

What about old blinds without safety devices?

If your existing blind is old and does not have a cleat or break chain, please fit a safety device as soon as possible to make your product child-safe.  Even if it wasn’t originally bought from us, we will provide you with the right safety device for your blinds free of charge. 

To find out more visit

Do you have any general tips on how to be child-safe?

Your Stylux advisor will take care of installing the appropriate child safety devices for you on your fitting day, but there are a couple of additional steps you can take to ensure that your blinds and curtains are child safe:

  • Keep all cords and chains out of the reach of children using the safety hooks and cleats which have been fitted for you.

  • Loose cords or chains should never be tied together.

  • Furniture that children could climb on should be kept away from your windows

Which is the best child-safe window dressing?

There are lots of cordless blinds and other kinds of window dressings that are safe for homes with young children.

  • Consider our Perfect Fit frames, which click into place between the beading and glass of a uPVC window, with the blinds fitting within this made-to-measure casing. There are no operating cords at all - instead the blinds are controlled using a simple tab or wand. Our Pleated, Venetian and Roller blinds can all be installed in this way.

  • Think about a Tab Pleated, which is fitted in the traditional manner but operated with a thumb tab rather than a cord.

  • Another handy feature of these blinds is that they can be positioned anywhere on the window, so you get more flexible light control.  You can also choose some special thermal fabrics which will keep rooms beautifully snug. 

  • Another option is our cord and chain-free luxury Roller blinds. You operate the blind by adjusting the bottom bar of the blind or the decorative pull.

  • Take your Roller blind one step further with a fully motorised option, where your blinds operated with a remote control.

  • You could also think about shutters, which are inherently safe by design. We have a wide collection of colours from classic white to custom colours.

  • Our Vertical blinds can be wand-operated, so there’s no need for cords or chains.  And, of course, curtains are always a safe option.

  • Curtains for a pole or on a standard track have no operating cords either.


Questions on Blind Safey?

“We’re always happy to talk about any aspect of our blinds or service, so if you have any questions about any aspect, please don’t hesitate - just ask.”

Rigid PVC Blind Cleaning Advice

Blind Cleaning.jpg
Cleaning Advice

Rigid PVC blinds need very little maintenance to stay looking good, as the louvres simply hang down so don’t trap dirt and dust easily. And because our blinds come in a range of practical fabrics, including PVC, they are very easy to wash clean simply using a clean, damp cloth which means you don’t have to take them down to keep them looking great.

The only part of your blind which may need more attention is the headrail which is where the operating mechanism sits. This can gather dust and will benefit from an occasional deep clean. 

General Rigid PVC Blind Cleaning

Stubborn Stains

If your Vertical blind is in a high usage area, such as a kitchen, you may find that you need to clean them more frequently to remove stubborn stains.

If you do have a stain that will not lift easily with a damp cloth, then you could try treating the stain with a fabric stain remover.

To do this, simply rub the affected area with the stain remover according the manufacturer instructions. However, be aware that there is a chance that the treated area may look significantly lighter than the rest of the blind.

Cleaning The Headrail

To clean your headrail, you should carefully unclip each of the louvres from the headrail brackets so that you can get easy access to the underside of the headrail. 

Once you have removed the blind, simply wipe the headrail clean with a damp cloth. Then simply click your blind back into place.

While you are cleaning your headrail, you could also squirt a drop of silicone spray into the side rail which is where the winding mechanism sits. Silicone spray will keep the mechanism well lubricated and ensure its smooth operation. Use the spray sparingly and avoid contact with the blind fabric so that it does not become stained.

Image 6.png

Questions on Blind Cleaning?

“We’ve worked with blinds  since 2015, and we’re advocates of keeping them looking as new. For more tips on maintaining yours - get in touch”


Local Expertise When You Need It

At Stylux, you’ll benefit from the personal service you expect from a local business, but with the exceptional standards and extensive product range of a national company.

Our knowledge & expertise in our trade is respected throughout Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & Humberside, & our success is quite simple; we offer the highest quality products at factory direct prices.

Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & Humberside

Advice, Guidance & Inspiration

5 Year Warranty On All Ranges

Durashade - Rigid PVC

Get High-Quality, Affordable Rigid PVC Blinds For Your
Home & Business


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