The soft fall of the Roman blinds adds a touch of class and sophistication to any room in your home. We have more than 3,500 fabrics to choose from and our bespoke service allows you to tailor your blind precisely to your needs.

All of Stylux Blinds Roman blinds are made the traditional way – by stitching the rods directly into the lining without using tape, which can affect the natural drop of the fabric.




Bill Beaumont fabrics are made with the highest quality material and designed to exact specifications set by you.


Bill Beaumont knows how to make a good quality piece of fabric and his family has been at the forefront of the textile industry for generations. Beaumont fabrics come in many designs and Bill Beaumont curtain fabric will look fantastic in your bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen and his designs will compliment the décor of your house excellently.


For blinds that are harder to reach, such as roof window blinds, or for customers with limited mobility, Stylux Blinds offers an automation option for a wide selection of our products.

Powered by electric motors, our blinds can be adjusted at the push of a button, giving you complete control over how much or how little light you allow into the room. They are also rechargeable, so no need for expensive replacement batteries.

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