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We continuously seek to work with manufacturers who actively seek improvement of products and processes to support the wider environment.


This means that you can enjoy safe and responsible products for your home.

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The textile industry is responsible for approximately 20% of the world's water waste and 10% of all carbon emissions, and so as someone who wishes to do all they can to support sustainability, it is becoming increasingly important that I factor this in when choosing a supplier, so that I can have confidence in knowing they too support the reduction in their own environmental footprint.

I understand the importance behind having an energy efficient home is becoming a big factor in people’s choices, so when it comes to window coverings, energy efficiency and sustainability is becoming a big trend for blinds across both residential and commercial properties.

This is why Stylux Blinds will be looking to prioritise working with suppliers who share this passion, and seek to develop products using responsible materials and refine processes, and produce window shading that manages light, insulates rooms, and saves energy. 

In return, both my residential and commercial customers can have confidence in their own contribution to reducing the carbon footprint, whilst choosing products that we help create a more energy-efficient and sustainable home or workplace.

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"I pride myself on being a values-driven business and it's in my nature to look after what's important; whether that's the environment, my suppliers, my community or my customers.


It is these values that have guided me from day one and I know that when I follow my principles, I not only provide great products, but build a great business too."

Our commitment is to:

  • Limit our effect on the environment and prevent pollution through our business activities both on and off site.

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance, and integrate recognised environment best practice where possible.

  • Reduce our consumption of resources including electricity and gas by ensuring efficient use.

  • Effectively manage waste streams to ensure that where possible waste is recycled or diverted from landfill.

  • Consider wider environmental issues in relation to the selection of equipment and development of new products.


To meet our commitments we will:

  • Set specific environmental objectives.

  • Design work activities to minimise waste and ensure efficient use of resources.

  • Implement the waste hierarchy to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Review the environmental performance of key suppliers in our supply chain.

  • Review our environmental policy regularly.

  • Where feasible source natural resources from accredited eco managed sources.

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